Monday, August 9, 2010

Dillon Howard Q&A

He hasn't even graduated High School yet, but he has a fastball that conastantly hits the mid-90's. Ranked the third best High School prospect of 2011 by PGCrossChecker, his name is thrown around quite a lot when talking about 2011 first round draft picks. The righty is ranked the number one prospect in the entire state of Arkansas.

1. How would you describe Dillion Howard the person? What about Dillion Howard the ballplayer?
[PERSON:] laid back, easy going [PERSON:] intense, passionate

2. You’re expected to go in the early rounds of the 2011 draft. What has the draft proccess been like for you and how have you handled it?
It has been hectic, but I have handled one step at a time and at my own pace

3. Are you planning on going pro out of high school or playing college ball?
I plan on going to college

4. What specific skills do you want to improve most in the future?
command and secondary pitches

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