Monday, July 26, 2010

Daniel Norris Q&A

Although 2011 is said to be one of the most talent-packed drafts baseball has seen, Daniel Norris, despite only being a High School senior, has been projected to be one of the top overall draft picks. He recently took some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions.

1. How would you describe Daniel Norris as a person and as a baseball player?

If I had to describe myself as a person, I would start with saying Daniel Norris is a person that lives for God and places him as a number one priority in his life. As a player I would say I play as hard as I can to give all the glory to the risen king.

2. When did you realize your talent could become a career?

I realized my talent that God had given me could be a career when I was old enough to comprehend the passion I had for the game of baseball. Realizing that gave me all the detemination in the world to achieve a life long goal.

3. Although 2011 is said to be one of the most talent-packed drafts ever, you were projected as the 5th overall pick. Are you planning on playing college ball or going pro out of high school, and what teams are interested?

These projections come out and they are nice to look at, but I understand that many things can change in the course of a year. With that being said, I don't know what my future holds for me. Either option may present itself to me and either option could be my choice. It's 50-50

4. You've been labeled a "can't miss prospect" for several years now. When did you first start getting recognized by professional teams, and how has all the attention affected how you play?

I would have to say around my freshman year. And it hasnt.. i dont consider all of this stuff a part of my game. my game is waking up everyday and putting my glove on while im still in bed and making sure the leather is not fraying or wearing out. my game is playing because i love it and cherishing everyday i have left to step between the lines. because god willing any game could be my last.. i will never let media aspects be a part of my game.

5. What's your proudest accomplishment as a ballplayer? What about as a person?

My proudest accomplishment as a player would probably be leading my teams to victories. My proudest as a person would be accepting Christ into my life and using every bit of my ability to instil his love into my peers.

6. Last question. What are your goals for the upcoming year, and what are your long-time goals?

My goals for this year are like any other year - become a better person and a better baseball player and to contiue to work hard everyday. Long-term goals are to become a major league baseball player and to continue to give all the glory to god.

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