Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ralston Cash Q&A

Cash will be playing with his cousin, Ethan Martin, another top prospect, in the Dodgers organization after being drafted in the second round by Los Angeles in the 2010 draft. He was the 21st high school pitcher taken in the draft.

1. First off, how would you describe Ralston Cash the person and how would you describe Ralston Cash the baseball player?
Confident, a bulldog, someone who doesn't give in and fear who walks up to the plate. Play for the Lord and he gets all the credit.

2. You were drafted in the second round of the 2010 draft by the Dodgers. Were you expecting that? What other teams were involved and what was the scouting process like?
A. No, not at all. I thought I was going in the 3rd round but the Lord made miracles happen. I asked him to give me a sign to go play college ball or pro ball. He made it pretty obvious.
B. The process at first was hectic and stressful. But, then I told myself to not worry and just go out there and play the game and let whatever happens happen.

3. Why did you decide to go pro out of high school instead of college?
I prayed about the decision and like I said, he made it evident.

4. You lived down the street from your cousin, Ethan Martin, who is also a top prospect in the Dodgers system. What was it like growing up with a family member who shared the talent and love of baseball?
It was a blessing. Anything I had questions about, Ethans family could help me out. Our paths were almost exact. Except for a few things..But mostly exactly the same. It was awesome.

5. What are you goals for your baseball career? What specific skills are you trying to improve most the upcoming year?
One goal is like everyone elses. Make it to the Bigs. But, I have a different one that not many people probably have. That goal is to have the blessing to be given a stage to spread the word of God. I am trying to improve one thing at a time, but the first thing is fastball location.

6. What is your proudest accomplishment in baseball? What about non-baseball related?
My proudest accomplishment in baseball would be overcoming all the negative talk from bloggers and writers and getting drafted. I didn't have to get mad and retaliate in the worst way. I just let God take care of me and let him take care of them. My biggest non-baseball related accomplishment was when I dedicated to the Lord 12-22-09*. My life has never been the same

7. Last question. Which figures have helped you become both a better player and a better person?
Player wise, all my coaches in the past. Every one of them gave me a skill that has added up and gotten me to where I am today. Being a better person would be from the way I was raised by my parents and also cracking open the bible and reading the word to see what it has to say.

* From "Over the past winter -- Cash remembers the day exactly, Dec. 22 -- he listened to a man from North Carolina give his testimony, and that is the moment he said he took a deeper belief in God." at

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